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Confrontation Visual Fields

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Title: Allied Ophthalmic Training: Confrontation Visual Fields 

Author (s): Kathryn Durnford, MS3, University of Utah; Sophia Fang, MD, Fellow, Moran Eye Center 

Photographer: Kathryn Durnford (images of VF testing) 

Date: 5/26/20 

Keywords/Main Subjects: Confrontation visual fields, ophthalmic training, five vital signs of ophthalmology 

Diagnosis: n/a 

Description of Case: Information on performing confrontation visual fields for ophthalmic professionals of all skill levels. The information included is relevant to those who are learning these skills for the first time or for experienced healthcare professionals looking to refine their skills.  

Summary of the Case: Information about the definition of a visual field and how to properly assess the visual field through confrontation is contained. Examples on how to correctly assess the visual field are shown as well.  

Format: PowerPoint (main); PDF (supplemental)  

References: Stein, H., Stein, R., & Freeman, M. (2018). The ophthalmic assistant. [s.l]: Elsevier. 

Faculty Approval by: Griffin Jardine, MD; Sophia Fang, MD 

Copyright: Kathryn Durnford, ©2020. For further information regarding the rights to this collection, please visit: 

Identifier: Moran_CORE_28368