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Complex Refractive Situations at the Time of Cataract Surgery

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Title:  Complex Refractive Situations at the Time of Cataract Surgery
Author:  Balamurali K. Ambati, PhD, MD
Date:  2013
Keywords/Main Subjects: Cataract; Pellucid marginal degeneration; LASIK; Keratoconus; Penetrating keratoplasty; Astigmatism; Arcuate incisions; Toric IOLs; Hyperopic surprise; IOL calculations
Secondary CORE Category:  Refractive Surgery / Considerations After Refractive Surgery
Diagnosis: Cataract
Brief Description: This is a series of case presentations on complex refractive situations in cataract surgery. Cases include refractive considerations during cataract surgery in patients with 1) pellucid marginal degeneration, 2) post-Radial keratotomy, 3) keratoconus, 4) post-LASIK, 5) post-Penetrating keratoplasty, Use of topography, sheimflug imaging, optical IOL calulators, multiple lens types including toric lenses, and other methods of astigmatism correction. A discussion of the choice of lens and astigmatism correction is included in each case and a discussion of pitfalls and potential solutions are provided. 
Format: video
Series: Moran Eye Center Grand Rounds
Identifier: Moran_CORE_14984
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