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Student Assignments

Moran Medical Student Rotation Assignment

  1. Each medical student rotating at the Moran Eye Center will submit at least one Image, Case or Video Report for a grade
  2. Students will work with Residents and Faculty to identify an appropriate image, case or video
  3. Students will use the Moran CORE Metadata template
  4. Students will have a Resident and Faculty member review the submission sign off before sending to the course director for uploading
  5. When submitting the final version for uploading, please include the original image, as a separate image file. (See instructions for downloading from AXIS below.)
  6. Eccles Library team will add the Image Report to the categories indicated

Moran Eye Center Logo for use on PPT:


Images from AXIS: 

DO NOT submit screen shot images using Grab or Snipping Tool.  Download the full resolution images from Axis.
To get on Axis, there are two options:
1) Go to Epic, open the patient’s chart, and click on the Axis button on the left.  (Some users or patients may not have this button).
2) Go to, open internet explorer, and go to
You may need to contact James Gilman for a username and password.

Click on the image to open it, then click the green down arrow icon, or right click and select Save.
You will have to save the image on your network drive (you cannot save directly to your personal computer).
Then you need to use the University of Utah Box (, University of Utah Send It (, or encrypted email (UofU users type “PHI” in the subject) to send the images to yourself.