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Akreos secondary IOL placement with iris repair

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Title: Akreos secondary IOL placement with iris repair
Authors: Russell Swan, MD; Jeff Pettey, MD
Date: 2/11/2016
Keywords/Main Subjects: Aphakia; Akreos; Iris repair; Siepser; Anterior vitrectomy; Secondary IOL; Scleral sutured IOL
CORE Category: Lens and Cataract / Surgery for Cataract
Diagnosis: Aphakia, Iris defect
Description of Video: This case is from a 70 year old male who had previously complex cataract surgery from a traumatic cataract with diffuse zonulopathy. During the course of his first surgery his capsular bag was removed, he developed a wound burn, iris damage and was left aphakic. After 3 months of healing the patients cornea had healed and he had a stable refraction and keratometry. The decision was made to proceed with secondary IOL placement with an Akreos lens as well as an iris repair with a sliding siepser knot.

This video demonstrates a technique for secondary scleral sutured IOL placement with an Akreos intraocular lens utilizing gortex suture. In addition, this video also demonstrates an iris repair using a sliding siepser knot and 9.0 prolene suture.

Format: video

References: Osher, R.  et al. Modification of the Siepser slip-knot technique. JCRS. Volume 31:6. 2005. 1098-1100

Faculty Approval by: Jeff Pettey, MD

Identifier: Moran_CORE_20538
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