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Late Dislocation of LASIK Flap

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Title:  Late Dislocation of LASIK Flap
Author:  Derick Holt, MD, PhD
Date:  03/9/2011
Keywords/Main Subjects: LASIK; Flap dislocation; Sterile water
Diagnosis: Late flap dislocation
Brief Description: This is a case presentation of a patient with late flap dislocation of a LASIK flap. An extensive review of the history of LASIK and excimer laser is presented. In addition, an extensive discussion of the physics of laser ablation is presented. A discussion of the surgical and clinical aspects of late flap disclocation and repair is undertaken. The use of sterile water in removing striae is presented.  
Format: video
Series: Moran Eye Center Grand Rounds
Identifier: Moran_CORE_16555
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