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Stem/Progenitor Cells: Do they have a future in Retinal Vascular repair?

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Title: Stem cell progenitors – do they have a future in retinal vascular repair?
Author: Maria Grant
Date:  10/01/2014
Keywords/Main Subjects: Diabetic retinopathy; Stem cells; Angiogenesis; CD34 cells; Endothelial cells
Diagnosis: Diabetic retinopathy
Brief Description: This is a research presentation of the use of stem cells in treating and managing diabetic retinopathy. A review of the literature of diabetic retinopathy and stem cell use in medicine and specifically in the retina is presented. Using a mouse model, stem cell repair of oxygen induced retinopathy is investigated with new data presented. Mechanisms are discussed as well as techniques for acquiring and refining stem cells in humans.
Format: video
Series: Moran Eye Center Grand Rounds
Identifier: Moran_CORE_17642
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