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Connexins, Connections and Field Studies in Eye Research

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Title:  Connexins, Connections and Field Studies in Eye Research
Author: Nicholas A. Delamere, PhD – Professor and Head, Department of Physiology; Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science,University of Arizona
Date: 02/21/2018
Keywords/Main Subjects:  Greenland shark, bohead whales, carbon 14, tree rings, alpha crystallins, beta crystallins, lens, sodium-potassium ATPase, gap junctions, connexions, refractive index
Diagnosis: NA
Brief Description: 

Discussion of various species of animals and lens characteristics and the sodium-potassium ATPase as it relates to cataract formation and gradient of refractive index.
Format: mp4
Series: Moran Eye Center Grand Rounds or Moran Eye Center Resident Lectures
Identifier: Moran_CORE_24995
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