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Case Presentation: Cornea, Cataract or Refractive Surgery

Title: Case Presentation: Cornea, Cataract or Refractive Surgery (1. Update on the Acute Ocular Management of Stevens Johnson Syndrome: A Modified Surgical Technique; 2. Phaco Efficiency Study/ARCRS)
Authors: Austin Nakatsuka, MD; Alan Crandall, MD
Date: 5/27/2020
Keywords/Main Subjects: Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Amniotic membrane tranplant, cataract, phacoemulsification, Diamatrix
Diagnosis: Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Cataract
Brief Description: 1. Dr. Nakatsuka provides an update on the modified glued surgical technique for amniotic membrane transplantation in the management of SJS with ocular involvement; 2. Dr. Crandall presents the latest moran research on cataract surgical technique and efficiency including the Xpand Iris Speculum and phaco efficiency
Format: Video
Series: Moran Eye Center Grand Rounds or Moran Eye Center Resident Lectures
Identifier: Moran_CORE_29623
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