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Guidelines for Authors

Moran CORE welcomes submissions to the collections from faculty, fellows, residents, and students. In order to add an educational item to the Moran CORE, it must be reviewed and approved by our Editorial Board. When submitting an item, please consider this checklist for your submission:

  1. For PPT or video, please include a title slide with the title of the presentation, and names and credentials or professional titles of all authors, as well as current institutional affiliations
  2. When submitting images, use the Moran Image Template with adequate descriptive information about each image. Single images should have the Moran logo on them.
  3. Remove all Patient Health Information (PHI) as mandated by HIPPA, or obtain permissions from patient for online educational use. Author is responsible for obtaining permissions.
  4. Do not to use copyrighted material within a PPT, and provide attribution when using the work of another.
  5. Note date of information to assist us in keeping the collections current.
  6. Your submission should be approved by your faculty advisor, or will be assigned for reviewer by the Moran CORE Editorial Board. Reviewers may:
    1. Approve for addition to the Moran CORE collections
    2. Approve based on suggested changes or additional information
    3. Reject
  7. If approved (or approved with change suggestions and changes made) Author will be notified and provided with a citation for inclusion in a CV as a publication.

Submission Information: Please follow these steps for all submissions to the Moran CORE:

  1. Complete the metadata template for your submission:
    1. Moran CORE Metadata Template– all medical students rotating with the Moran will submit an Image Report
  2. Students and Residents should have a Moran Eye Center Faculty sign off on the report before submission. Enter the name of the faculty on the report template
  3. Email the completed Report template in MS Word format. Attach images, PPT, video as needed to:
  4. If your files are too large for email, please email the Moran CORE team using the same email: . For large files, share via your Box account or use SendIt:

Moran Eye Center Logo for use on PPT:


Images from AXIS: 

DO NOT submit screen shot images using Grab or Snipping Tool.  Download the full resolution images from Axis.
To get on Axis, there are two options:
1) Go to Epic, open the patient’s chart, and click on the Axis button on the left.  (Some users or patients may not have this button).
2) Go to, open internet explorer, and go to
You may need to contact James Gilman for a username and password.

Click on the image to open it, then click the green down arrow icon, or right click and select Save.
You will have to save the image on your network drive (you cannot save directly to your personal computer).
Then you need to use the University of Utah Box (, University of Utah Send It (, or encrypted email (UofU users type “PHI” in the subject) to send the images to yourself.

Copyrights: Authors retain copyrights to their submissions and are free to re-purpose them. The Moran CORE also holds copyrights to the version of the submission that is accepted into the CORE collection. All materials in the Moran CORE are copyrighted and users are expected to cite the source.

Copyright and Fair Use Information

Copyright and Images – Do Not Use Copyrighted Images

Authors should assume that all images on the Internet are copyrighted, unless explicitly described as licensed for re-use or public domain. Tables in published journal articles are copyrighted. Summarize a table if you need to use the information. Seek out re-usable images using the sites below, if you can not find appropriate images in Moran’s AXIS database.

Medical Images in Creative Commons or Public Domain:

Citation style for use when citing resources in submissions

Within the text of your report, indicate your references by superscript numbers following all punctuation. When citing references in your submissions, please use a style similar to the following examples:


Journal available only online:




Moran CORE: Use and Citation Resources

The Moran CORE collections contain open access, copyrighted resources. If you wish to use this information, please:

  1. Request permission from the Author or from the Moran Eye Center
  2. The logo (and credits where applicable) must be left on the resource
  3. No other logo or mark implying a different source may be affixed
  4. The content author is credited when material is used
  5. Moran CORE is credited as the source of the information or resource

This kind of attribution can be done in a single citation. Below are some sample citations in different citation styles. Feel free to copy and edit these for use in a presentation or publication.

AJO and AAO Style:

Author or Creator. Title. Source. Available at URL (include complete URL). Accessed Date (specific date).


Digre KB. Vestibular Nystagmus Video. Moran CORE. Available at Accessed October 27, 2015.

Hwang ES, Shakoor A. Choroidal Coloboma Image report. Moran CORE. Available at Accessed October 27, 2015.

JNO Style:

Author. Title [Source]. Item Date. Available at: URL (include complete URL). Accessed Date (specific date).

Hwang ES, Shakoor A. Choroidal Coloboma Image report. Moran CORE. May 18, 2015. Available at: Accessed October 27, 2015.

Neurology Style:

Author. Title. In: Source [online]. Available at: URL (include complete URL). Accessed Date (specific date).

Hwang ES, Shakoor A. Choroidal Coloboma Image report. In: Moran CORE [online]. Available at: Accessed October 27, 2015.