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Conjunctival Nevus Excision

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Title: Conjunctival Nevus Excision
Authors: Russell Swan, MD; Mark Mifflin, MD
Date: 2/26/16
Keywords/Main Subjects: Conjunctival Nevus; Melanoma; Nevus;
Diagnosis: Conjunctival Nevus
Description of Video:

This case is from a 32 year old male who presented to the ophthalmology clinic for evaluation of a melanocytic lesion of his conjunctiva. This lesion had been noticeable to the patient since adolescence and was causing mild irritation as well as cosmetic frustration to the patient. After a discussion of the risk benefits and alternatives to surgical excision with the patient including continue observation the patient elected to proceed with excision. The video demonstrates a no-touch technique for removing a conjunctival lesion. Given extremely low suspicion of malignancy in this case (given history and appearance consistent with conjunctival nevus) only a 1mm rim of normal conjunctiva was excised with the lesion.

The review article by Shileds et al provides a nice overview of a large series of patients with giant (>1cm) conjunctival nevus. A few highlights worth mentioning:

Format: video

References: Shileds, C. et al. Giant conjunctival nevus: clinical features and natural course in 32 cases. JAMA Ophthalmology 2013 Jul;131(7):857-63

Faculty Approval by: Mark Mifflin, MD

Identifier: Moran_CORE_20545

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