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Refractive Surgical Complications

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Title:  Refractive Surgical Complications
Author:  Majid Moshirfar MD, Carlton Fenzal, MD
Date:  07/23/2014
Keywords/Main Subjects: LASIK; PRK; Epi-LASIK; Mitomycin C; Stromal haze; Epithelial ingrowth; Post-LASIK infection
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Diagnosis: Refractive surgery complications
Brief Description: This is a series of cases demonstrating the potential complications of refractive surgery. Case 1 presents a post-LASIK patient with epithelial ingrowth: the etiology, clinical course, and management of epithelial ingrowth is discussed. Case 2 presents a patient with a partial flap after aborted LASIK procedure followed by PRK. The etiology and management of subepithelial haze is discussed in the context of this case. Case 3 and case 4 present a patients who underwent epi-LASIK for moderate myopia. Subsequent photophobia, bullae, stromal haze, and edema occurred post-operatively. A discussion of the possibility of mitomycin toxicity, indolent infection, and epi-LASIK in causing haze and inflammation is presented. The management and outcome of each case is discussed.
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Series: Moran Eye Center Grand Rounds

Identifier: Moran_CORE_16042
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