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Systemic Disorders with Corneal Changes

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Title: Systemic Disorders with Corneal Changes
Author: Amy Lin, MD
Date: 10/09/2017
Keywords/Main Subjects:Wilson’s Disease; Fabry Disease; cystinosis; mucopolysacchardoses; hypolipoproteinemias; tryrosinemia; alkaptonuria; Ehlers- Danlos; Marfan Syndrome; Down Syndrome; Congenital syphilis; WAGR Syndrome; Goldenhar syndrome; diabetes; hypercholesterolemia; gout; sleep apnea; autoimmune conditions; medication-related; hyperthyroidism; monoclonal gammopathies/multiple myeloma; hyperparathyroidism; amyloidosis; vitamin A deficiency
Diagnosis: None
Brief Description: Surgical and design methods for minimizing post- cataract surgery capsular opacification.
Format: .mp4
Series: Moran Eye Center Resident Lectures
Identifier: Moran_CORE_25135
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