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Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK)

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Title: Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK)

Author (s): Rhett Thomson, MS4, and Mark Mifflin, MD

Photographer: Mark Mifflin, MD, and Ethan Peterson

Date: 8/29/20


Keywords/Main Subjects: Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty; DALK; Corneal Transplantation


 Description of video: Steps of DALK explained11

  1. The geographic center of the cornea is marked
  2. An appropriately sized vacuum trephine is selected and set to about ⅔ corneal thickness
    1. Cautery of the anterior surface is generally avoided in DALK
  3. A stainless-steel crescent blade is used to remove about half of the anterior stroma, making later removal of more posterior tissue easier
  4. The anterior chamber is decompressed slightly
  5. Small indicator air bubbles are injected into the anterior chamber
  6. Create a “big bubble” to separate Descemets membrane and endothelium from the anterior stroma
  7. As Descemets is pushed deeper, the air bubbles in the anterior chamber are often seen getting moved to the periphery
  8. Apply dispersive viscoelastic in advance of puncturing the lamella covering the “big bubble”
  9. Puncture the remaining stroma while avoiding perforation of Descemets
  10. Following the puncture of the “big bubble”, Descemets will once again move to its more natural anterior position
    1. This allows the air bubbles in the anterior chamber to return from the periphery to the center
  11. Between Descemets and remaining anterior lamella, apply dispersive OVD (ophthalmic viscosurgical device)
  12. Cut remaining stroma into four quadrants and manually cut away, often using curved cornea scissors
  13. Calipers are used to verify bed diameter prior to preparing and punching donor tissue
  14. Trypan blue is use to stain donor Descemets which is then removed
  15. Remove Descemets and endothelium from donor tissue
  16. Trephination of donor cornea
  17. Place donor graft on host
    1. Donor tissue is typically cut to the same diameter, or smaller if needed to decrease myopia in a keratoconus patient
  18. Suture graft using standard techniques



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Faculty Approval by: Mark Mifflin, M.D.


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