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Orbital Conference: Orbital Inflammation

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Title: Orbital Conference: Orbital Inflammation

Authors: Christopher D. Conrady, MD, PhD, Rene Choi, MD, PhD, H. Christian Davidson, MD, and BCK Patel, MD

Date: 06/27/16

Keywords/Main Subjects: orbital cellulitis, infection, inflammation, orbit

Diagnosis/Differential Diagnosis: 2 cases of orbital cellulitis

Brief Description of Case: In the following cases, we present two cases of orbital cellulitis, clinical course, and medical/surgical management.  Both patients presented with eyelid swelling.  The first patient also had motility deficits upon presentation.  They were both found to subsequently have orbital inflammatory events with improvement on IV antibiotics.


Slide 4: External photograph of patient case 1.

Slide 6-7: CT orbits

Slides 8-12: MRI orbits

Slide 13:  CT orbits

Slide 15-18: Pathology slides showing mild, chronic inflammatory cell reaction.

Slide 19: External photograph of patient

Slide 25-26: External photograph of case 2.

Slide 28-32: CT maxillofacial with contrast

Slide 36-40: Pathology of case 2.

Summary of Cases:

These two cases highlight the medical and surgical management of orbital cellulitis.

References for further reading:

Copyright statement: Christopher D. Conrady, ©2016. For further information regarding the rights to this collection, please visit: URL to copyright information page on Moran CORE

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