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Custom Implant for Correction of Enophthalmos After Orbital Fracture Repair

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Title: Custom Implant for Correction of Enophthalmos After Orbital Fracture Repair

Author: Benjamin West, MSIV, Loma Linda University

Date: 7/24/2018

Image or video:

Figure 1. CT scan at admission demonstrating right medial wall blow-out fracture as well as extensive damage to the right globe.

Figure 2. CT scan at 5 months after enucleation and initial fracture repair showing significant right sided enophthalmos and persistence of medial orbital wall fracture.

Figure 3. 3D virtual reconstruction of patient anatomy with custom porous polyethylene implant in place.

Figure 4. CT scan showing proposed position of custom porous polyethylene implant and subsequent reduction of orbital volume to correct right-sided enophthalmos.

 Keywords/Main Subjects: Orbital fractures, Le Fort fractures, Open Globe, Enophthalmos, Orbital Implant; Porous Polyethylene; Custom Implant

CORE Category: Orbit, Eyelids and Lacrimal System > The Anophthalmic Socket > 4. Orbital Implants > “Custom Implant for Correction of Enophthalmos After Orbital Fracture Repair: Case Report”

Diagnosis: Enophthalmos after orbital fracture repair

Description of Image:

This is a 40 year old male who presented to the emergency department after being struck by a heavy chain in the face at work. Initial examination showed extensive facial lacerations (brow, nose, eyelid and temple) as well as a 1 cm laceration of the right cornea and sclera with expulsion of orbital contents. CT scans at admission showed hemi-Le Fort fractures 1, 2 and 3 on the right side, with a zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture and fracture of all four orbital walls (Figure 1). The left side exhibited a hemi-Le Fort 2 fracture, as well as medial and inferior orbital wall fractures.

Due to the extensive damage to the globe, the patient was subsequently taken to the operating room for enucleation and implantation of an 18 mm porous polyethylene implant by oculoplastics. Plastic surgery completed the facial fracture repair. Floating zygoma fractures were plated and anchored to the frontal bone and the right orbital floor was plated with resorbable material to contain the orbital implant in normal position.

At 5 months post-op the patient was noted to have significant right-sided enophthalmos > 2 mm, as well as a severely sunken superior sulcus. Repeat imaging showed osseous bridging of the majority of facial fractures, but persistent right orbit medial blowout fracture with medial herniation of orbital contents and irregularity of the right orbital floor (Figure 2). At this time the patient was agreeable to undertake enophthalmos repair of the right eye with implantation of a customized porous polyethylene implant.

Fine-cut updated CT images were sent to Stryker where a virtual reconstruction plan was made according to the imaging and surgeon specifications. The orbital implant was made from porous polyethylene using a 3D printer and tailored specifically to the anatomy of the patient (Figures 3 and 4).

The patient was taken to the operating room with oculoplastics where an incision was made in the inferior fornix of the right lower eyelid. Dissection was carried out to the inferior orbital rim with subsequent elevation of the periosteum and periorbita. The custom implant was then inserted into the orbit and positioned to correct the enophthalmos as compared to the left eye. The implant was screwed into place at the inferior orbital rim.

At the following post-op examination significant improvement was noted in the enophthalmos and sunken superior sulcus of the right eye with high patient satisfaction. Mild ptosis was noted of the right eye and the patient was counseled on possible future repair if unimproved.

Faculty Approval by: Doug Marx


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